Custom lamp fabrication : choosing the right lamp shade fitter

When it comes to lamp shade fitters you have some options. Here is a quick break down of the ones used most often. 

custom lamp fabrication
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You can use spider fitters, uno fitters or clip on fitters. They each have 2 options. For the spider fitters, you can get either a spider/harp fitter or a spider/reflector fitter. Spider fitters are used with lamps that have harps. Uno fitters have either a slip on fitter that sits beneath the bulb and is secured by the bulb. Or, you can get a threaded uno fitter, which sits above the bulb and is secured by a screw thread. Your other option is clip on fitters. Depending on the bulb you have, you can either get a bulb clip fitter or a candelabra clip fitter. 


Slip-Uno Fitters

Slip-uno fitters sit beneath the light bulb. 

custom lamp fabrication

Threaded-Uno Fitters

Threaded-uno fitters are secured by the light bulb. These fitters are used for lamps that are facing down.

custom lamp fabrication

Harp-Spider Fitters

Harp-spider fitters are used for lamps with harps. They are secured into the harp by a fineal. 

custom lamp fabrication
Reflector-Spider Fitters

Reflector-spider fitters are secured by the reflector. As displayed below. 

custom lamp fabrication
Candelabra Clip-on Fitters

Candelabra Clip-on Fitters are secured by clipping onto the candelabra bulb. 


custom lamp fabrication
Bulb Clip on Fitters

Bulb clip on fitters are secured by clipping onto the bulb.

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If you want to see some of the work we have done at our shop. Check out our portfolio here.


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