custom lamp fabrication: consider the bulb heat

When making a custom lamp or repairing an old one, bulb heat is in fact something wise to consider when picking a bulb and picking a shade. If the bulb is too close to the shade, it may cause discoloration. Or, it can also cause a fire! I want to give you a few simple tips to avoid this.

custom lamp fabrication 

Incandescent Bulb 40-60 Watt 

Incandescent Bulb that have 40-60 watts are best at a 1-2" distance from the shade. 

Incandescent Bulb 75-100 Watt 

Incandescent Bulb that have 75-100 watt are best at a 2-3" distance from the shade.

Incandescent Bulb 150+ Watt

Incandescent Bulb that have a 150+ watt are best at a 3-4" distance from the shade.

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs 

Compact fluorescent bulbs are cooler so they require less space. You can keep these at a 1-2" distance from the shade.

I try to keep these blogs simple and quick, but with the answers your looking for. If you have any questions, or if I didn't cover something, let me know!


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