Your chandelier appears to be in great condition. The wiring looks modern and legal. However, you don't see a grounding wire. Do you need one legally? 

The answer is quick and simple.

The nec (national electrical code) part V reviews the grounding requirements and basically states that if a luminaire or lighting equipment has metal parts, it shall be grounded.

Every pary part of a light fixture that has metal, needs to be grounded. 


Why is grounding required in metal fixtures?

This is a safety precaution for lamps, chandeliers or sconces that are made of metal parts. In case of a short in the wiring of the chandelier, ground wire prevents injury to someone touching the metal part of the chandelier. 


What is the cost to add this to my chandelier, sconce, lamp...

Unfortunalty there is no set cost. It depends on the design of your chandelier, sconce or lamp. Usually lamp repair, chandelier repair and lamp repair all depend on its design. If the design is complex, the chandelier repair can take a long time due to disassembly and reassembly. 


Questions or Concerns?

I operate a lamp repair nyc shop in Long Island City, Queens. I service the NYC area, Tri State area. You can call with questions and I would be happy to answer them or recommend you to someone who can help you, as I keep close relationships with local providers in the different aspects of lamp repair. Whether its lamp repair, chandelier repair or sconce repair, we cover it. Restoration, custom lamps, maintenance or antique lamp parts. 





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