Lamp Repair: how to match lamp shade shape to lamp base Shape

Lamp shades shape are usually influenced by the shape of the base.   Shades are often a continuation of the base designs theme. The shades aren't neccesarily always 100% in tune with the base, but there is almost always some portion of the base that matches the shades shape/style. 

Here are 6 bases and shades that fit well, as well as the reason that they fit well. 

  1. Curved Base with Bell Shade

    curve + bell finalcurve + bell final
  2. Rounded/Cylindrical bases with Rounded Shadeslamp repair

  3. Trapezium Shaped with Square Shadelamp repair

  4. Full Square Profile with Rectangular Shadeslamp repair

  5. Shade matches portion of base                          lamp repair

  6. Opposite Curves are OKlamp repair












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