Lamp repair: How to measure a lamp shade

When your customizing an antique lamp for a client, you may need to go to a lamp repair shop for many parts of the project, one of them being lamp shade repair or replacement. This may also come up when your doing custom lamp fabrication. Whether it's a sconce, chandelier, pendant, floor lamp or table lamp, knowing how to measure a lamp shade is crucial. Here's how we normally do it.

Copy of Top Width

There are 3 measurements you need to have.

1. Top Diameter: Measure from one edge to the other edge with a measureing tape. 

2. Bottom Diameter: The bottom diameter is measured the same way as the top diameter. Measure from one edge to the other edge. 

3. Height: The height is measured from the top edge to the bottom edge. Even if there is a slant. Don't measure from the bottom edge straight up. Follow the slant to the other edge, and that is your height. 

We will be following up with another blog on how to pick your shade dimensions, depending on your lamp shape, style and dimensions!


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