Lamp repair: How to measure a lamp shade to fit a lamp base

Knowing how to figure out what size your lamp shade should be for your lamp base is important. Especially when, a.) you purchased a lamp that didn't come with a lamp shade, or b.) your designing a custom lamp. I will outline below how we normally go about lamp shade sizing here at our lamp repair shop in nyc. I am aware that different industry professionals have different tastes and opinions on this. I am hoping to recieve input from you on what you like or don't like so we can learn about everyones different tastes. 


Lamp Base Shape

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It may sound obviouse, but the first step is to figure our what shape your lamp base is. If it's a round base you need a round shade. A square base or angular base calls for a square shade. Not as obviouse is a candlestick lamp base. With all its angles and curves, your lamp shape choices are more flexible. You can do round or squared.

  • Round Base = Round Shades
  • Square/Angular Base = Square Shade
  • Candlestick Lamps = Square or Round Shade works!

Lamp Base Size

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The size of the lamp shade is picked acording to the size of the lamp base. Here a few quick, simple, but effective tips for making sure you pick the right size.

  • Height : 60% lamp base, 40% lamp shade
  • Width : lamp base width x 2 = lamp shade width
  • Never let the harp, lamp neck or hardware be exposed. They should be covered by the lampshade, especially if the lamp will be eye level.
  • The widest part of your lamp shade, should be 1/2 inch wider than the widest part of your lamp base. 
  • Keep 2-3" distance between lamp shade and bulb. 

This is normally how our designer clients go about this here at our lamp repair shop in nyc. If you go about it differently, i'd love to hear more about it! This is my first blog, I am trying to bring as much value as I can to the reader, if i'm lacking, please tell me!

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