Lamp Repair: Matching lamp shades with your furniture

Matching lamp shades with your furniture is key. Here are a few key points to help guide you along the way.

  • Consider your lamp as an extension of your rooms furniture
  • Rectangular furniture goes well with squared or angular lamp shades
  • Sculptured/rounded shades go well with rounded shades
  • Consider the proportions of the furniture. Is it tall, is it low and wide? You can pick a shade that complements or a shade that balances the proportions.
  • Keep in mind the textures, colors, shapes that your lamp could tie into. Perhaps there's a color in the room that you want to match or contrast with.

Living Room

  • formal
  • porcelain
  • glass
  • old vase
Family Room
  • casual
  • pottery, wood, metal or glass
  • match the furniture
  • match design style of the room
Dining Room
  • place on a sideboard
  • don't interfere with the sight of artwork you may have on sideboard or mirror 
  • leave room in the middle of sideboard!
As long as your not looking up into the hardware, then the size is fine. Whether the lamp is a floor lamp or a table lamp, it shouldn't be so high that when you look at it, you see up the shade.

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