Lamp Repair: Secret Advice on How To Go About It..Less expensively!


As a lamp repair shop in NYC, I have the privilege of meeting new interior designers, interior designers assistant on a weekly basis. While they all come with unique fixtures that need lamp repair, the story as to why they ended up in my shop is usually very similar across the board…


Tell me if this sounds familiar..


  • You purchased a European lamp and it doesn’t meet UL Standards…
  • You purchased a chandelier but some lights not turning on…
  • You purchased a sconce with a broken brass arm…
  •   Or… Some variation of the above!


When your in need of lamp repair… what steps do you take?

European light fixture…You want to know if it will meet United States Standards.

  1. Check the plug. If it’s European… you already know that you need a new plug. However, if the wiring is not antiquated, and your only problem is the plug, you can buy an adapter from European to American plug. Like this one conversion plug.

             European Plug                                      American Plug

Lamp repair nyc         Lamp repair nyc





2. Check the wiring.. some European lamps are already wired for modern standards, if this is the case, all you’ll need is the Conversion Plug. To find out if the wiring is modern or old and dangerous.. Your best bet is to call a lamp repair shop near you to find out. 


3. Check for a UL Label. Some electricians will not pass a house inspection, or won’t install non UL labeled chandelier, sconce or lamp.  If you don’t have a label, your best bet is to get re-wired by a lamp repair shop that has the certification to wire, test and UL label luminaries. 

Lamp repair nyc

4. Check the light bulbs! European lamps are wired for 220 volt service. American lamps are wired for 120 volt service. This may result in dimmer lighting when using European bulbs here in the states.


Something broke! What to do when a back plate, arm or bobeche breaks…

  1. It may sound simple but the first step would be to check what the part is made of… Glass, metal, plastic.. etc
  2. Was the chandelier made mechanically or welded together?
  3. If the lamp was made mechanically and you can find a replacement part for you lamp repair, order the part and you can fix it yourself. 
  4. If it was mechanically put together, but the part that broke can’t be found online, you may need to have that part replicated.. If you have a model to go off of. For example.. If one of the brass arms breaks, but you have 6 other arms, you can bring one to a metal shop or a lamp repair shop. Here a New York CMI we are a metal shop that specializes in lamp repair. So we would cast that part based off of the model arm that you bring us. If you don’t have a model arm to bring in, you can give your local lamp repair shop your dimensions and drawings so they can 3D print the arm for you, and then cast it based on that.
  5. Depending on what broke, call a local provider that works with that material. They can help you figure out what your options are. 




Let me know if this blog helped you! If you have any questions, reach out to me!

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