Lamp repair : sizing a lamp shade for a floor lamp

If you are designing a floor lamp, it helps to know effective strategies to size the shade. Likewise, if you purchased a floor lamp without a lamp shade, the strategies to size a well proportioned shade, are useful. Here I will attempt to provide some effective tips. Things I mostly learned here at my lamp repair shop in nyc. Let me know if this helps... and if it doesn't help, also let me know!

If you are a busy person, you're in luck. When it comes to sizing, the most effective tips are short and concise. 

  • Floor lamps look better with shades that have less of a slope
  • The shade needs to be tall enough to cover all the hardware
  • The width of the shade, almost always, looks best within 16-18"
  • The best looking shade shapes (subjective) are Empire, Straight Empire and Drums. Which I will display below. 

Lamp repair nyc
If you are looking for tips on how to pick a fabric for a floor lamp shade. I have not yet written that blog. I will soon!

If you are looking for a how to on measuring lamp shades, I already wrote that and you can go read it here.

If you need a lamp repair shop in the nyc area, contact us below, or go to our home page to see our services. 

If you need advice on lamp repair, call me at (929)346-1193 or email me at I would be happy to help any way that I could. (Within reason haha). Or contact us through our contact page

Talk soon! 

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