LampShades: Hardbacked Vs Soft-sided

There are many choices to make when picking a lampshade. Aside from hardbacked vs soft-side, you also can choose materials, shapes, and sizes. You can also pick the type of fitter you want. Today I will break down the pro's and cons of both the hardbacked shade vs the soft-side shade...

Hardbacked Shade

lamp repair nycHard-backed shade is typically lined with plastic. It is designed to block light from comming out through the shade. Directing the light to come out through the top and the bottom of the shade. Hardbacked shades hold the shape longer

Benefits of Harbacked Shades

  • More light gets emitted through the top and the bottom of the shade.
  • The shape of the shade is firm and lasts longer.
  • The heat from light bulbs dont distort the color of the fabric over time

Cons of Harbacked Shades

  • The shade itself doesn't emmit light
  • The inner frame's color will reflect through the top and bottom. (usually gold or silver)
  • More expensive to ship because it has to be fully assembled to maintain the shape, before it's sent out.


Soft-side Shade

Lamp repair nycSoftback shades typically are made of a fabric that is stretched out over a metal frame. The shades form is usually created by support running from the top to the bottom.

Benefits of soft-sided shades

  • Allows for light to eminate through the shades side
  • The shades are usually light colored, allowing more light to be emitted
  • The frame is usually collapsable. This allows for cheaper shipping. 

Cons of Soft-sided shades

  • The heat of the light bulb distorts the color of the shade over time
  • The light does not shine is bright through the top and the bottom
  • The metal supports show up as shadows when the light is turned on.

This was a quick blog but if you have any questions, reach out!





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