Our Experience with LED fixtures and UL Certifications

Some clients come to us asking us to UL wire and certify their LED chandeliers or sconces.

The problem is with our general coverage license, we can only wire, test and certify Incandescent chandeliers or sconces that meet code.

I have spoken with UL reps about general coverage certification for LED fixtures. I was told that this is not yet available.

To be clear, I believe UL can certify your LED fixtures, but you have to do it through them directly. (I am not a UL spokesperson, I am only talking about my experience with them).

However, I have noticed something. General contractors and electricians (many times) don't ask for a UL label on the fixtures they are installing, when they are LED. It seems that they are ok installing, as long as all the components are UL labeled (drivers, strips, etc..)

I believe UL might one day bring out a general coverage certification for LED fixtures. Or, maybe they already have it and I was given bad information. In which case, if you know someone who has this license, please let me know, so I can get it to!

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Andres Aviles

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